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Get Your Groove On

August 8, 2010

OhMiBod never fails to give us something with pizzazz, and the Club Vibe is no different!  This awesome bullet has more features than any toy (and possibly a few kitchen appliances) I’ve seen.  I am definitely a bullet girl, they are versatile, portable, and more often than not, quiet, so of course I jumped all over the Club Vibe!

OhMiBod packaged the lovely Club Vibe in a regular black cardboard box with a shadowy club scene at the bottom.   Obviously though, who cares about the fucking box?!  Let’s get to what’s inside!  Once opened, you’ll find a very nice lacy thong, the pink corded bullet, a remote, a split cord, 2 AAA batteries, and a very nice velvet pouch with the OhMiBod logo.

The thong is “one size fits most”, and unlike a lot of manufacturers who use that label, it actually fits me very well.  It’s not a cheap thong either, as a matter of fact, it’s become one of my favorite pair of panties to wear.  It washes very well, and after about 2 months, I’ve not seen any wear at all, aside from a little color fading.  The velvety pouch isn’t padded (doesn’t really need to be), but it is a good quality pouch.   The seams on the inside are done perfectly, and I love the satiny drawstrings.  Everything that is included(even the thong) fits wonderfully inside, and it slips easily into any drawer or hiding place.

Let’s get to the meat of this review already, whatdoyasay?

The bullet itself is made of black abs plastic with a groovy hot pink polyurethane coating.  It’s 1/2″ in length and 3/4″ in diameter, and even though it does have a permanently attached cord, I would not recommend inserting this into any orifice, as it could damage the cord and totally screw up your bullet.  The remote is made from black plastic, and has two buttons on the front (an “X” button for stop, and a circle button for go).  There is a connection on top for the bullet, and a connection on the bottom for the split cord as well as a volume function wheel.  On one side there is the settings (ambiance, manual, and mp3) dial, and a clip for your pocket on the back.  The kit comes with 2 AAA batteries that fit very nicely into the back of the remote under the clip.  The split cord makes it possible to plug in your mp3 player, iphone, or ipod, and your ear buds as well, so you can jam while you get off!

Okay, so, I wasted NO time trying this baby out, and let me tell you, it’s got some power for such a little guy.  The manual mode has 7 different pulsating patterns, and mp3 mode vibrates to the sound of whatever music you prefer.  I liked metal music and trance music.  Ambient mode was by far the coolest, but I had to sit very near the speakers for it to work.  I can see how going to a club or concert would work though.  We played around with our voices and stuff as well, but that didn’t really work out that great, you literally have to make very deep or loud noises.

Even those of us who don’t go to clubs or concerts, can be entertained by this bullet.  I love to wear mine while I’m doing housework, or watching TV.  It doesn’t slip out of place, and is easily hidden from any little ones or surprise guests that may come over.  The remote is so easy to use that you can turn it off in a split second if you need to, and it’s so quiet no one would know that you were wearing it.

Cleaning the club vibe is easy, just was it with a little warm water and soap or your favorite toy cleaner.  It should be noted that the Club Vibe should NOT be completely submerged, and you’ll want to check that the wires are in good shape and no water is getting in.  Club Vibe is compatible with any lube, but I prefer water-based just to be safe.

I would like to thank Good Vibrations for providing me(free of charge) with the awesomest bullet vibe EVER, in exchange for an honest and detailed review!  Good Vibrations carry high quality sex toys, and have amazing customer service.  Head on over there and check out what they have to offer.

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