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An Open Letter To the Femi-Nazis

July 28, 2010

Dang it! I so want to be decoration and have a beer! ~stomps~

Dear Femi-Nazis,

How ya doin?  Still beating the life out of our men?  That’s good.  Great to hear you’re making headway in making even more men ball-less, and angry.

Well, see babydoll, I have to take up issue with that.  What you need is some real, actual scientific feedback, and honest advice.  I compiled a small list of things you are doing, or have failed to look into entirely, to show you that it is probably your own actions making men into the horrible creatures you face everyday.  So, make sure you read very carefully, and possibly slowly, so as not to hurt yourself when you try and twist it around to make me look evil and vile to all your friends.

1. Children are not actually being raised by their own parents anymore. First and foremost, this is the big one, imo!  We exit the insanely awesome 1950’s and enter into the 60’s, where every woman suddenly has their own set of balls, and decided it was just silly to wear bras, cause ya know, it‘s way easier to be ugly and let it ALL hang out.  They decided it was time to get theirs, and besides who wants to raise stinky ol’ kids anyway?  Let’s just pay someone else to do it or just give them a key to the house, and hope they live!  Or better yet, let’s just stop being nice to men all together so they won’t want to have kids.  Children who are raised by one parent full-time, turn out better, are more productive, and have a better chance of being honest hard working adults.  Children who are raised away from home, or by uninvolved parents have a higher rate of behavioral problems according to scientific studies.  So, because you think you can make your own place at the top of the food chain, your children are learning bad behaviors from the other little heathens they play with at day care and school!  I would also like to add in here, that children raised by lesbians, according to research, have a higher percentage rate a success in life!  So, rather than beating every guy over the head with your “Every man is a potential rapist”  speech, remember they may not have been taught correctly how to behave, and that’s probably due to their mother not loving them enough to stay at home, or sadly enough, not having the means to stay at home.
2. If you act like prey, you will be treated as such. When a woman acts like she’s terrified to walk down this street, and clutches her coat and purse around here like some sort of shield, honey, you’re only drawing more attention to yourself.  Walk with your head held high, and as though, if one person touches you, you will take their fucking hand off!  Learn to protect yourself, and do not become a victim.  Men who actually are predators, are looking for these behaviors, because, duh, if you act like a victim beforehand, of course you’re too much of a pussy to fight back!  Real predators, don’t want the crap that goes along with a woman who will fight them back (read: act like a victim, get treated like a victim).
3. When you spend copious amounts of time at the bar doing cocaine and drinking, you’re liable to run into some shady characters. I realize that one person in particular may take offense to this, but I assure you, it’s not directed directly at her.  She’s not the only one, running around putting herself in harms way with her actions.  Listen very carefully, YOU CANNOT RUN AROUND WITH YOUR ASS HANGING OUT, DRINKING, and ACCEPTING RANDOM DRUGS FROM STRANGERS AND EXPECT EVERYTHING TO GO JUST SWIMMINGLY!  Don’t act stupid and say, but we should be able to that!  That, my dear, is not an argument, it’s a way to act however you want, without having to blame yourself for the consequences of your own actions (read: if you act like you’re a hooker, don’t be so upset if you are treated like one).  I just want to interject for a second and say, hookers are really nice people.  I’ve said this before, and I just don’t get tired of it, the world won’t change to fit you punkin.
4. Men are actually pissed off at YOU, subconsciously, because you are constantly beating them over the head with how they are potentially going to rape you anyway. I can attest to the fact, that given enough times hearing the same thing over and over, not only do you begin to believe it, but you resent the person who put the thought there in the first place.  If I consistently tell my children that they are fuck ups and won’t be able to succeed in life, chances are they will turn out exactly the way I’ve described.  Likewise, if you are always telling men that whether they know it or not, that they are potential rapists, eventually they will slide right into that mold.  Is that what you want?
Do you really think EVERY SINGLE man in the world is out to rape you and your friends?  Aw, that’s cute, you think you are that special.  In reality, given the fact that there are about 6 billion people populating this planet, the percentage of actual rapists is not as bad as your making it out to be, and if you would stand up and support those men who are not raping you, because it seems every man you come into contact with does somehow, maybe they would try and protect you from the ones that are.

So, you see doll, you’re causing most of this all by your little lonesome, and then you involve your friends, and she involves her’s, and so on and so forth.  Unfortunately, the stereotype that women are gossip mongers and will actually make shit up to benefit themselves, is actually true.  It’s like a big ass game of telephone online, only this isn’t child’s play.  You’re hurting people, and ruining lives with all this nonsense.  It’s time to put on your big girl panties, and realize that whatever culture you’ve made up doesn’t actually exist.  Saying it does, is like a parent blaming a child going nuts and blowing away their schoolmates on the music they’ve heard.  It’s plain ludicrous.  With that I will close this letter and wait for the hate mail to roll in.


Cinnamon (kktscinnamon(at)yahoo(dot)com)

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