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Lube Shooter! It Definitely Shoots!

June 30, 2010

Kinklab had a great idea when they designed the Lube Shooter. Most adults use lube at one time or another, and I’m sure more than one person has said that they needed something, anything, to keep all that lube from getting everywhere. Unfortunately, they fell short of the mark.

It comes in a clear clam-shell container, with a paper insert telling a little about the product. It boasts that it will “Put lube between the cheeks, not on the sheets”, and I’m sorry to say, that it does not live up to it’s name on that one.

The Lube Shooter looks like any other syringe type contraption, and works the same way. It measures 5 inches length, and 1 inch in circumference, and comes in a variety of colors (mine is red). It is small enough to almost not notice when inserted (do not insert more than 1 inch into the rectum). It comes with 3 disposable applicator barrels, and one plunger. Since the applicators are meant to be disposable, the only thing you would need to gently rinse off is the plunger to prepare use for the next barrel.

When I put the Lube Shooter to the test, I found the plunger a bit sticky, and difficult to pull out, but figured it would work much better with lube inside it. I would like to make a note, that if the cap is not on, you will undoubtedly spill lube everywhere. Yes, I am aware that I should have known that. Once I had the lube in, and had replaced the plunger, it was time for our first use. I inserted the plunger, and couldn’t get it to go down! I pulled it back out, and looked at it, and pushed on the plunger, and for a split second I had a lube geyser in my living room! Boy, was kris upset that I was shooting and spilling lube everywhere. I was laughing hysterically, which doesn’t help the mood. Needless to say, I have since tried twice more to use this thing, and both times had the same results.

Don’t they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?

I would like to thank for providing this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Tabu Toys has top quality products at great prices, and the staff is so nice. All of their sex toy products are shipped discreetly and quickly to your home.

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