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I Wanna Know

June 30, 2010

I rarely, if ever, run out of things to say, but my blog is certainly lacking content since Kris and I have gone on hiatus from the O/p aspect of our relationship.  It always seems as if though the things I want to say are toeing the edge of dramatic stupidity, and I’ll be damned if my blog turns into a drama fest.  I prefer meatier content, and the truth is, I honestly have no clue what you guys might be interested to hear me talk about.  I asked Rayne and Kris, and they both just sat there staring at me.  Of course, in their defense, they already know I’m just naturally angry, so the lack of answers from them was not surprising.   Not to mention, Kris rarely reads what I write anyway.

So, I decided to give you, my readers, the reigns!  Yay! Doesn’t that sound like fun?  For the next month, that’s until July 31st folks, any and all requests/suggestions on a topic will be answered with a full post of at least 500 words!  You can leave your suggestions and requests here in a comment, or you can shoot me an email (  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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