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Smart, Sleek, and Innovative

March 1, 2010

I remember my reaction to first hearing about the Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang.  I couldn’t wait to read the first reviews coming out.  This vibe is really on the cutting edge of sex toys, but is it really better than chocolate?  I dunno.  I can tell you this: It is WAY better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!  To be honest, I’m really torn on this toy.  The technology is so cool, but in use it’s not really as cool as the hype would make you think.

Better Than Chocolate is a clitoral vibrator that comes nestled snuggly in a white jewelry style box that showcases the toy beautifully.  There is also a white drawstring bag to store it in.  You will also find an instruction booklet, and despite how intelligent you might think you are, hang on to it just in case.  There is a learning curve to using this toy, and I just played around with mine a lot before I actually tried to put it to use.

The controls are simple enough to use, but it’s very different from anything else out there, and it can get confusing when you’re not looking at it, or your head is spinning from being turned on.  Basically, the controls are touch sensors in the toy that you either run your finger along or press and hold to change the settings.  One of the really cool features of the BTC is that it can lock, so you don’t accidentally change settings just at the wrong time!  It’s very finicky in the shower though.  I had a hard time keeping it locked or on one setting.  I would recommend using this in the bath or in a hot tub, because I’m positive that the water coming from the shower head has a conspiracy against me jacking off in there.  I didn’t have any problems using it completely submerged though, it locked just fine.

BTC is made from non-porous TPR, which is phthalates and latex free.  I remember watching CarrieAnn’s video review, and hearing her say that it feels like fabric.  I thought to myself how strange that sounded, but I can totally get what she’s saying now.  It really feels as if it is covered in some sort of fabric! The ergonomic design is makes this toy fit perfectly over your labia.  It literally just molds to the body.  It reminds me of those “Beam me up, Scottie.” things on the “Star Trek” suits.  I found that it was a tad too large for my hand, but most every one else says it fits perfectly in theirs, so maybe I have unusually small hands.  I never thought of 4.25″x2.5″ as being large, but it is apparently bigger than the size of my hand.

Here comes the part where I get really torn.  I’m not sure how to describe the vibrations, because they seem to be somewhere in the middle for me, not diffuse or pinpoint, but something else maybe other worldly.   I realize this toy is “supposed” to be able to get you off all by itself, but that’s a pretty hefty claim to make for something that isn’t just a powerhouse or pinpoint.  It feels more like a massage, which makes it fun to warm up with, but it’s definitely not going to be the main attraction.  It also fits well on the shoulders and neck, so if you like to orgasm there as well, you know it’ll work.  Seriously though, it has another cool feature for those of us who are always looking for the highest setting.  It starts out on high!  If that’s too much ~cough yeah, right cough~, just run your finger across the touch sensor until you like the strength.  The strength settings also work for all the pulsation options.  Press and hold at the end of the strip to lock/unlock, or press and hold on the Nomi Tang symbol to change from constant, pulse, or escalate.  Remember that once it is submerged, it locks automatically.

BTC is easy to clean and maintain.  Just wash with soap and warm water, as a side: I have heard that it’s bleachable, but I haven’t tried it out on mine.  You can store it in the cool bag that comes with it, or even use the box it comes in.  The TPR material is compatible with silicone and water-based lubes.

For the most part, this is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen, but I think some more work could be put into it to make it perform just a little better maybe make a mini size for the little handed people like me!  I would like to thank Eden Fantasys for allowing me to review such a neat toy!

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Nomi Tang
Material: Non-porous TPR
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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