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As If I Need More Reasons

January 29, 2010

I’m always looking for new reasons to have sex, and if it was my way it’s all Kris and I would do! Alas, bills must be paid, and children must be raised, so naturally we are sometimes not in the mood, but I found a way to get around all that, and put a big smile on his face!  This adorable calendar, 365 Reasons To Have Sex, literally has any reason you could ever imagine and some you would have never thought of.

Every day in 2010 has a new and sometimes silly reason to get it on. With quotes like, “I ran out of batteries.”, how could you not want to oblige that special someone?  Along with every reason, each day is also filled with cheesy pick-up lines like, “You owe me a drink, because I took one look at you and dropped mine.”, and a section called “The Wisdom”, with tidbits of strange or scientific fact about sex.  There is also a cool section to the right for your personal notes on where, when, and what your lover should bring to the party.  Each page is perforated for easy tear-out.

This cooky calendar has honestly put a lot of humor where it was lacking in our relationship.  As a lot of you know, Kris doesn’t get to be home very much, so being able to put these in his lunch everyday gives him a good laugh when he’s at work.  The guys he works with have even commented on how he got so lucky to get a woman who leaves notes about sex in his lunch everyday!  When he does come home, we have a laugh about whatever silly note I left him that day, and it usually leads to more intimate things that wouldn’t have come up had we not had something to smile about.

I really enjoy having this calendar, no matter how silly it is.  It will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.  I would like to thank for giving me this calendar in exchange for an honest review!  Babeland has so many great products, and this was just one of them.  Check out their awesome Valentine’s Day sales!

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