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Putting The Other Toys To Shame

January 26, 2010

Everyone wants a Hitachi Magic Wand, including me, but who wants to be stuck to a wall via outlet?  Not me.  What if there was a way to let go of that wall, and have the same power and intensity?  There is!  The Adam & Eve Rechargable Magic Massager 2.0!  This baby will have you quaking in 30 seconds flat!  If you’re not in the mood for sexual heaven, use it to take all the stress and strain out of those bunched up muscles.  Kris loves when I grab this massager and use it on his neck and back, and in all honesty, I use it more on his back than I do on my girl bits.  It’s even better that we don’t have to be right next to an outlet.

This wand massager has so many versatile uses it’s very difficult not to recommend it to everyone!  Whether you are getting your first toy or not, you need this!  A word of caution: this isn’t an insertable toy, and is intended for external use only.  When I received it, I just pulled the little black plug out of the end (don’t lose it, you’ll need it later!), and plugged in the 110v ac adapter to charge for 6-8 hours.  Once you get that out of the way, you up to 5 hours of use!  That little black plug I told you not to lose, is great for storing your wand.  When it’s inserted the wand does not turn on, so it keeps your toy from losing it’s charge!

The 11.5″x2.5″ wand has two settings, knock your socks off and blow your head off, so use caution when you put it on your girly parts!  When you’re using something this powerful there is bound to be some noise coming from you, but there is no amount of moaning and screaming that will cover up the noise you’ll hear coming from this toy.  When I say it’s loud, I mean the people across the street will hear it, so I wouldn’t recommend it for travel!  It’s an awesome deep purple color, and the soft silicone head has a series of ridges and nubs for added friction. The neck is nice and bendy, and works very well for giving back rubs.

When your done playing with it, the silicone head slips right off for easy cleaning.  I usually just wipe it down with my toy wipes, but you can also use antibacterial soap and warm water.  Make sure you only use water based lube with silicone toys, as silicone lube will cause damage.

If you want mind blowing power and don’t want to be held back by cords, this is definitely what you want.  It is worth the price and then some!  Adam & Eve provided mine free of charge for an open and honest review, but you can purchase your’s from their website and I’ll even throw in a 25% off coupon code!  Adam & Eve are the world leaders in providing great adult toys and DVDs, so you can rest assured that you will be safe and satisfied in their hands!

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