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All About Simon

January 22, 2010
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Ah, my favorite furry friend, Simon.  Simon is my enormous 25 lb. 6-toed cat.  He’s adorable and a huge pain, especially when he climbs on top of Kris while he’s sleeping, and Kris pets him in his sleep (I’ve seen it).  Just like a child he squeezes in between us when we try to sit next to each other, and we set him on the floor only to have him jump right back up and walk over our laps to put his nose right in our faces.  Just so you know, there is no experience like having sex while your cat is laying next to you looking at you like he just wishes you would stop shaking the bed so he could go to sleep.

More often than not, he sleeps right in the middle of where everyone needs to walk, like the kitchen door or the middle of the hallway.  His worst habit is trying to sit on your lap while you’re sitting on the toilet!

There must be something about the boy he doesn’t like, because he randomly jumps out of nowhere to attack his feet, while the boy jumps around screaming “Mommy, Simon’s not being nice to me!”.  He still tries to pet him any chance he gets though.

He never forgets that 7am always means it’s time to eat.  When I’m sick he is always right beside me.  He even keeps my feet warm at night by laying on them.   Yeah, he’s a pretty amazing cat!  We love having him with us.

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