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Learning About Human Ponies

January 14, 2010

I love learning about all things BDSM/Fetish!  I may not want to try them or have a personal interest in them, but you never know who you may run into within the community, and I want to have some sort of understanding of what they are into.  Pony play is one I have yet to really learn about, so I was excited to receive “The Human Pony” by Rebecca Wilcox.

This amazing book details everything you might need to know about pony play, tells you exactly where to look to find others with the same fetish, and has the most gorgeous color photos throughout.   It’s also heavily stocked with tons of personal stories highlighted in green, either from the author or other players she admirers, as well as training tips and try it-pony homework highlighted in orange.

We start our journey with a short section on definitions and categories on different types of pony play.   After, we explore pony, as well as trainer, headspace.  Anyone into role-play of any kind, will enjoy this take on getting into headspace, and the different ways to get there.  Neither of these chapters was a complete surprise to me really.  Most books about fetish/BDSM play start out with their own version.

The equipment chapter has tons of information on altering biological equine tack to suit human ponies.  It goes through the different types of ponies (cart ponies, jumpers, show, etc.) once more, and let’s you know specifically which tack is suited for which type.  The training chapter shows us how to create a road map with which to train a pony, and goes over basic in-hand training.  It also gets you started on the track to training to a specific discipline.  This chapter also contains some of my personal favorite pictures of the cutest pony, Copper.

The next topic we delve into is scene development, this chapter can easily be adapted to fit into any kind of role-play.  This chapter has my favorite personal story from a pony’s point of view.   Next Rebecca shows us how to properly handle and groom your pony.  She also shows us the different types of grooming equipment in this section.   We then get to take a look at the animal that is the inspiration for pony play, the horse!  There is also a chapter on DIY/Event Planning!  The book contains several appendices that includes a myriad of helpful information such as, step by step instructions for gaits, a glossary, and a ton of information on the web!

Throughout the entire book there is a common theme she likes to hang onto:  Always End on a Good Note!  I can’t think of anything better to hold onto for any kind of play we may partake in, be it pony play, S&M play, or slave training.  I am so glad gave me the chance to dive into the world of pony play!  This book was put in easy to understand wording, and was very entertaining to read.  I still have no desire to be pony, but I’d love to get to see them in action.  What a great community!

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  1. Kayla permalink
    January 15, 2010 12:12 pm

    I’ve never been much into ponies, but I think I want to read it just for the sake of knowledge. Looks pretty extensive.

  2. May 10, 2012 6:20 pm

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