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Finally! Nipple Clamps I Love!

January 12, 2010

For those of you who read my blog, you know my past experience with nipple clamps has been less than tantalizing. I have been on a mission to find clamps compatible with my nipple piercings, and I have finally found the perfect ones!  The Lavish Nipple Clamps made by Spartacus are perfect for anyone just wanting to get a taste for nipple torture or those who are into light BDSM play.  I like pain, but my crocodile clamps were almost impossible to use with my piercings, and the tweezer style clamps have small enough tips to be able to be placed behind the piercings.

These clamps come in the common clear plastic clamshell package.  There is a teal paper insert sporting the Spartacus logo, and two small openings that allow the clamps to attach to the paper.  This keeps them from clanging around in the package.  Just pop the case open, and detach the clamps from the paper, and your ready to go!  The clamps are black, and resemble a large set of tweezers.  The fun part:  they have a lovely set of jewels dangling from each one.  Each clamp also has a rubber ring to adjust the strength they pinch.  They also have rubber tip coverings to keep the metal from digging into the skin and causing “bad” pain!

They are very easy to use.  Just pull the ring down the clamps to open them up, and attach to any body part you prefer, and set the ring to the desired level; then release and watch em squirm!  Remember that clamps hurt way more coming off than when they are on, due to blood flow restriction!  I would recommend leaving these on for about 20 minutes at a time.  These clamps are definitely not for pain sluts, if you are one, you will be disappointed.  These are so pretty when you have them on. Watching the jewels swaying as I walk is enough to give my husband a hard-on!  I like to experiment with the areas I place them.  Placing them on my pussy lips is truly breathtaking, and makes oral sex a lot of fun!

Clamps are easy to clean, just rinse off with warm water, or your favorite toy cleaner.  Make sure you keep a keen eye out for rust and degrading of the rubber parts.  They are small enough to be stored anywhere you can put them.

I love these clamps, and use them all the time!  I would like to thank for letting me test out these clamps.  Check out Babeland for all your adult needs!

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  1. January 12, 2010 11:44 pm

    I have REALLY small nipples, so nipple clamps refuse to stay on. The only ones I can get to stay on are my Clover Clamps. Which are painful as hell. And I love them.

    These are so pretty though!

  2. Kayla permalink
    January 13, 2010 6:07 pm

    @Britni – jor’s are pretty small too. These can be a pain to put them on him.

    And yeah, those are really cute. jor and I have some tweezer clamps as well.

  3. January 14, 2010 7:34 pm

    That is so funny because my review said the same thing about the piercings, but I use mine in front of my piercings.

    • January 14, 2010 7:47 pm

      I love love love my piercings, but they have caused more headache with nipple play than I care to mention honestly!


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