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January 12, 2010

I have never had a toy cleaner, and I was stoked to get to try one out.  Afterglow is absolutely adorable in it’s bright orange and yellow packaging!  It’s also very unassuming, and resembles make-up remover cloths or even a travel size baby wipes package.  The package boasts that it purifies, sanitizes, and revitalizes!  It’s easy to open with the great sticky cover to go back over the opening so dry out doesn’t occur.  My package didn’t have an actual opening under the sticky part, so I just cut a small slit to pull the wipes through, easy peesy.  The wipes have a nice citrus smell to them, and are roughly about the size of an average hand with a small amount of overhang on each side.  The package comes with 20 wipes inside, and this part was, for me, the biggest disappointment.  I have sex and masturbate a lot, so 20 wipes doesn’t last very long.  The up side to this, the package os 20 wipes only costs $7.00, and if that’s too rich for you, you can buy single wipes for $1.00!

These things are so convenient and easy to use, you’ll always want them at your bedside (no more running to the bathroom to clean up)!  These leave your toys residue and sex juice free, and you can use them on yourself as well!  They have a slight astringent feel to them, but it was completely unbothersome to me.  These wipes leave my toys clean and sanitized, and ready to be put away!  What could be better than that?

I would like to just say thank you so much to for giving me these wipes to review!  They are a women friendly sex toy store, and are super helpful and discreet!  It is by far the most woman oriented store on the web!  Stop on by and check out their amazing selection!  You won’t be disappointed!

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