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Coffee Yay!!

November 17, 2009

So normally I drink a lot of coffee, but since we’ve moved I haven’t had a chance.  Today, I finally get my fix!  The biggest issue with our new place is the fact that you can NOT drink the tap water, shouldn’t even use it for cooking, tea making, and (you guessed it!) coffee making.  There are a gazillion little windmills all over the place that sell a gallon of water for $0.20, and we have yet to buy one of those huge water containers, so we’re stuck with a few gallon size jugs.  Today I just didn’t care really, had to have some coffee.  I’m sure some of you understand.  Mmmmm……..hazelnut coffee!   It’s a good thing too, because I have about 8 reviews I need to get done today.

On the blah side of things, my attitude stinks!  We had a great weekend with no kids.  We actually got a chance to play a little bit, but as soon as the kids hit the door, my attitude came right back, and my sex drive plummeted.  What the hell?  It’s so annoying when this happens.  I don’t follow rules, and I don’t want to be touched.  Worst of all, everything that comes out of Master’s mouth irritates the snot outta me, even the really sweet stuff.  Surely there is a switch somewhere that I can flip to stop it.

I am starting a diet this weekend!  I’ve put on some weight, and I don’t do well with weight gain, so I’m gonna do something about it!  I’ll also be reading “Body Clutter”  written by Marla Cilley (aka The Flylady) and Leanne Ely (aka The Dinner Diva).  I’ll be starting my pilates program as well.  Should be interesting.  Stay tuned for various rants about cheating, hating exercise, and staying on track.  To be honest, I’m really excited about it, but actually putting that excitement to good use is the hard part, cause see………..I’m LAZY!!!!!

I’m hoping we’ll be getting some new furniture this week, as well as, a new computer!  What, you say?  Well, it’s come to my attention that our brand new laptop is an awful representation of laptops everywhere!  The keys have started falling off.  WTF?  It’s new!  Not only that, it’s supposed to be one of the best ones out right now.  But, it’s whatever, HP can kiss my ass!  Toshiba will be getting my business from now on.

I’m hoping to get some really good outlines for some research posts done this week.  For the love of whatever you worship, don’t quote me on that one!  I do plan on it though, seriously.  I’m hoping to get a lot done this week, because next week will start a very strict schedule for me, and I would like to start out ahead instead of behind.  Being behind forces me into procrastination.  Procrastination forces me into just doing nothing, because I don’t know where to start.  It’s a nasty habit, and I want everything to start being smoother, so my life is less stressful.  I need someone to hold me accountable for all this I think. *looks at rayne*

That’s all I got for today loveys.  Big fucking kiss!

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