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My Magic Wand

November 11, 2009

The Pink Clear Rings Wand by Don Wands is a Fairy Princess Dream Wand!  Every time I pick it up and look at it, I feel like a Princess holding a magic wand.  It comes with a pink velvet drawstring storage bag that makes a very safe and cushiony home for my magic wand.

The wand is 8” in length, and features two very distinct ends to play with.  On one side you have 5” of insertable length that starts with a thick pastel pink ball and graduates into 4 clear pleasure rings (they resemble squished bubbles).  I love this wand vaginally, but when I tried it anally, I felt seriously assaulted.  The side with the rings, is like super sensation city!  It feels amazing.  The other end has a smaller bubble and 4” of smooth skinny shaft.  The only thing I can see using this end for is simply a great handle.

It’s made from Pyrex glass which is one of the safest materials out there.  One of the best features of glass is the ability to hold temperature; you can heat it up or cool it down for some awesome temperature play.  Pyrex is non-porous, phthalates free, and completely hypoallergenic.  Wash well with warm soap and antibacterial soap, or use 10% bleach solution, also you can place it in the top shelf of your dishwasher without soap.  Another cool thing about glass is you can use any type of lube you desire.

For the most part, this toy is one of the prettier ones I have, but I really don’t see it being one of my favorites.  I still love it though, and I’ll just get to look forward to using it even more!   Thanks for the chance to review it!

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