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Very Girly and Classy

November 9, 2009

Jenna’s Velvet Jewels is probably one of the prettiest vibrators I’ve ever seen!  I love the black velvet feel to the finish, and varying degree of diameter is amazing.  Doc Johnson really hit it out of the park this time!  I love this toy.

It’s great for beginner’s and experienced users alike.  The pretty jewels that surround the base give the toy a very high class and sophisticated feel.  One thing I found strange, for me personally was the way the tip flattens out.  It’s a great feature if you prefer more generalized sensations, but it falls flat for direct strong clitoral stimulation.

The velvet finish is one of my favorite things.  It feels so soft, but it’s very rigid.  It has 5 ½” of insertable length, which may leave more advanced players wanting something more.  I know for me, it just wasn’t quite long enough.  The diameter varies from 1” to 1 ¼”, and that is something that I found quite enjoyable.  It gave it a strangely real feel to it, kind of like a pop feeling as you insert it.

Jenna’s Velvet Jewel is completely waterproof, so take your super girly toy into the tub with you, or even the hot tub!   It worked very well for me in the shower, although the only time I’ve had it completely submerged was when I was cleaning it.

The vibrations aren’t very strong at all, and it’s very loud. It takes 2 AA batteries, and has a turn dial base.  It’s extremely user friendly, for those who prefer a no fuss type of toy! It’s works very well, as a warm up toy for me.  I like using it solo, but I always end up switching to something else.  It would be great for a first toy, or for those who want to feel really girly!

It’s really easy to clean.  Just use warm water and antibacterial soap, but it’s a good idea to check the jewels for steadfastness, and check the o-rings after washing to make sure the battery compartment isn’t getting wet inside.

Overall, I really enjoy this toy, but there is a lot lacking.  Thank you so much!

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