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Nice Little Nibbles

October 27, 2009

Master has been threatening to buy nipple clamps for some time now, but I managed to get there first.  I have always been kind of curious what they would feel like, and if I would like them, so when Babeland showed their crocodile nipple clamps in the Newsletter, I just couldn’t pass them up.  I could hear the jingle of the metal chain as the UPS guy handed me the box, and I blushed and said thanks.  I hurried in the house, and opened the shipping box, only to discover that they had come out of their intended packaging!  No wonder it had rattled around so loudly.

These clamps look very sexy, and are fully adjustable.  There is a 17” chain linking the two clamps together, and while the chain is rather large, it’s still sexy as hell.  There are screws in the center of each clamp, and you just open it to the desired amount of bite you want to inflict on yourself or partner, and adjust the screws to hold them at that level.  This adjustability makes these perfect for beginners.  More advanced pain sluts may find these to be a complete joke, however.  A more experienced player could remove the soft plastic tips for a more serious bite, I didn’t though.  They slide off very easily.

These can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse in soap and water.  Allow them to air dry, and you can store them just about anywhere.  It would be a good idea to watch for rust, or any degrading over time.

Despite the fact, that these refuse to stay on my nipples (I have large nipples and they are pierced), I really like them to use on my labia and clit.  I can use the chain to pull my labia apart, which is super hot!  I went very easy pinning one to my clit, but that wasn’t a bad experience, and I’m sure Master will push that a lot farther. I would definitely say these are worth the money, but keep in mind they may not be best for large or pierced nipples. You are only bound by your imagination (and your lover)!

Thanks Babeland!  I really enjoy these, and will probably try the tweezer style for my nipples.

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