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A Toy For The Ages!

October 26, 2009

The Blue Nubby Glass Dildo by Don Wands comes packaged in predictable molded plastic.  Despite the packaging, it is absolutely beautiful clear Pyrex glass with blue nubs all over.  It comes with a padded pink drawstring pouch, and a sample of Wet Platinum lube.  The drawstring pouch is awesome!  It’s padded enough that I’m positive that an accidental drop would leave the dildo unharmed, plus it’s pink!

It is pointed on one end, and the other end has a medium sized bubble. I have found I enjoy using the pointed end a whole lot more than the bubbled end.  The bubble makes a great handle to hold onto.  The blue nubs add amazing sensations.  This feature is easily my favorite, since I am a sensation whore.  There is a lot of weight in this toy, and this also happens to be a great feature.  I like the weightiness because a lot of toys can not be placed inside your vagina without being pushed out while your hands explore other areas; the weight makes this toy stay put to give you a nice full feeling while you work your clit or nipples.  It has 7” of insertable length, and is 1 ¼” in diameter.  It may be a little large for some people, but it’s the perfect size for me.

One of the best things about glass toys is the ability to add temperature play into the mix.  This baby will heat up and cool down for unbelievable sensations on you nether regions.  I really enjoy putting it in ice water, but I don’t really care much for heating it up.  It has coolness to it anyway, but reaches body temperature very quickly.

Glass is non-porous, and won’t degrade, so you can use your favorite water, silicon, or oil based lubes with this toy.  Believe me when I say, a little lube goes a very long way!  It’s phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. Glass is so easy to take care of, yet another reason I love glass.  You can sterilize it, by boiling, using the top shelf of your dishwasher (NO SOAP!), or 10% bleach solution.  Cleaning is a snap with just a little antibacterial soap and water (run, bacteria run!).

One final note: Don Wands toys are handmade, so remember that you’re getting a one of a kind toy!

Thanks!  I will be buying this toy in every color!

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