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Rayne Started It~Internet Impact

October 25, 2009

As I was reading Rayne’s post the other day on the impact the internet has had on her relationship (and her opinion of the impact on the “lifestyle” in general), I smiled the biggest smile I have smiled in months.  Saying the internet has impacted Master’s and my life, is like saying chocolate is just candy.  I’m not entirely sure if I have recounted the tale of how we met, or of how we got to where we are today, but I feel, even if only for my own trip down memory lane, that it is appropriate at this time.

I haven’t said anything here, but the last few months has led me in a downhill spiral into depression, and even I have had moments that have scared the shit out of me, it’s gotten that bad(it’s not related to Master or anything, but more of a situational depression).  Sitting here looking back at the beginning has led me to tears, but not the bad kind.  The beginning was really just that wonderful.  I sure miss those days, but I know better days are to come.

Before we start, I have to tell you, I’m an internet addict.  I’m okay with my addiction.  For the most part, you can find me firmly planted at the computer from about sun-up to well after sun-down.  My whole life is on the computer.  I don’t watch TV very often, and anything I wish to read can easily be found online.  Master is definitely not the junkie I am, and often gets on to me about spending so much time online.

This story begins sometime in 2007, although I’m not entirely sure on the exact date of when we met.  Both of us, had recently gotten out of terrible relationships, and were dating our asses off and having a blast playing the field.  We met on Myspace!  I know it seems lame, but we both kept up with old friends and family through our profiles, and we still use Myspace for that very reason.

So we added each other as friends, and rarely if ever talked in the beginning.  We both went through phases where we would delete people we were not getting anywhere with for whatever reason, but somehow during these deleting sessions, we would always pause on the other’s profile, and decide to keep it on our friends list.  It seemed very strange at the time, since I never could figure out why I couldn’t just delete this guy I never even spoke to.  I would spend sometimes, an hour racking my brain looking for something special about him.  The truth was I had never talked to him enough to even get passed his first name, and all the girls on his friends list (there were a lot).  I’m sure he went through something similar with me.

Every so often, one of us would drop a line to the other, and say hello, but it never went much further than a little sporadic flirting here and there for maybe a year or more.  I think towards the end of 2007, we were both fed up with dating, and ready to just call it quits.  He was working nonstop, and I didn’t have much time off myself, and of course there were the 2 kids I was raising alone.

Fast forward to about March 2008, and I think I had gone on a really awful date, and something in me stopped,

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