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System Jo Rocks!

October 21, 2009

I have always been a K-Y girl.  It’s readily available at Wal-Mart, and works great, but my god is it expensive!  So when I opened my package from, I was surprised to see a 2.5 fl oz bottle of System Jo H2O.  I was excited to try something new, and see how it would work out for me.  I have heard great things about the System Jo products, so my expectations were high.

System Jo H2O is packaged in a clear recyclable plastic bottle.  The label is rather minimalist with the product name, and the phrase “MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND”, along with a set of instructions, and the ingredients (purified water, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose glycerin, methyl paraben, and propyl paraben).  It also lists several claims about the product including: latex safe, water based, but feels silky smooth like silicone, and recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists.  It’s made in the USA and is regulated by strict FDA guidelines.  It’s also enhanced with Vitamin E.

I twisted off the black cap and lifted it to my nose, and nothing.  No smell of any kind.  Awesome!  I swiped the inside of the bottle and tasted it, and there’s kind of a hint of something oddly familiar, but I couldn’t place it for the life of me.  It’s not bad though, and leaves as quickly as it’s there, there is also no filmy residue left behind on your tongue or teeth.  It’s very smooth and slippery, and doesn’t have any hint of getting tacky or sticky.  It washes off very easily and leaves your skin feeling soft even after it’s gone.

The first thing I tried it on was a glass toy, and let me just say, a little goes a long way!  It lasts forever, and there’s no drying flakiness or gummy residue left behind.  It stays exactly where you put it, but feels undeniably thin. I have found that this is by far the best lube I’ve tried for anal play.  I will without a doubt be buying this product when I run out!

Thanks Tabutoys!  I LOVE this lube so much!

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