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October 21, 2009

Do you believe that owners owe their charges honesty? Are the slaves entitled to full disclosure of everything regarding their owner?

Oh man, this one is tricky.  My answers are different on each question. So let’s see where it’ll be taking us.

My answer to the first question is, Yes.  I do believe that Owners owe their charges complete and total honesty.  For the most part, I believe most Owners give full honesty.  Honesty is part of the foundation, and your foundation will make or break your relationship.  I do think, however, that this only extends to what a slave asks about though. If I ask Master a question, by all means, I expect total honesty.

Which leads us to the answer for question number 2.  No, Owners do not have to disclose each and every little thing to their slaves.  This is left at the Owners discretion.  If you decide to enter into an M/s relationship, it’s important to remember that as a slave you are property, and as property, you may be left in the dark on certain things.

Your Owner may decide it’s not important for you to know how much money is in the bank, even if you work.  Your Owner may decide that any outside relationships he/she may have are none of your business.  He/She may have logs of your phone calls or texts or IM messages and emails, unbeknownst to you.

Would this bother me?  In a word, Yes.  It’s not for me to decide what’s right or wrong in our relationship though.  Only Master can decide that.  This is something I understood when I accepted his collar.  I don’t think he would follow suit with any of the examples above, but that’s just my relationship.  And who knows, one day he might, and I would have to learn to accept it.

What about you?  Could you deal with this?  If you are part of the “Can’t leave camp”, how would you learn to accept something like one of the examples above?  If you have one of the examples above or similar, please share how easily you accepted it, and what helped you.

I think the only time an Owner is entitled to fully disclose any information that is important, is before the relationship starts, during the getting to know you phase.  During this phase full disclosure is important for both parties.  Once that collar is accepted though, you are no longer entitled to knowing every little detail about your Owner, unless you ask specifically about something. This is why communication beforehand is so important.

I would never condone lying on either’s side of the relationship.  Lying is not a way to make a relationship last, but it’s a definite way to make one end.

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