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I Wanted To Love You, and I Almost Do.

October 19, 2009

I was so excited to receive Kinklab’s Bondage Basics Collar from I was just beside myself with the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive.   Arrive it finally did! *Squee* I pulled a long slender plastic tube from the box, and ogled the hot chick on the front for a minute. Boy, she made that collar look good!

I took the top off the tube, and allowed the collar to escape from it’s encasement.  It is thick black leather with two d-rings riveted to the front and back, and a leather thong running through the center of it.  The inside appears to be unfinished leather, and that may bother some people with sensitive skin. The thong is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and very functional as well.   The collar is fully adjustable, and will fit anywhere from 12 inches all the way up to 17 inches.  It has 13 notches for a perfect fit.  You just slide the d-ring in back over the notch that fits best, and then loop the thong through the d-ring as well, and viola, you have a super secure collar.

The biggest downfall to this collar is the width of it.  It’s 2 inches wide, and I’m a pretty small girl, but I was able to wear it quite comfortably for several hours.  It does restrict my movement somewhat, so I can’t look down or up.  The edges are very smooth and it doesn’t pinch at all.  It wasn’t hot either, which I found great because a lot of leather items can make you sweat.  The d-ring in the back can be used with a small padlock to keep your slave in bondage.  The d-ring in the front can be used with hooks, ropes, or leash, but you would certainly have to make sure it would small enough to fit through.

We really put the collar through it’s paces when Master was home, and this thing really stood up to everything Master threw at it (i.e. tugging forcefully in several directions). It never came undone, and seems to be very well made.  To be quite honest, I really like this collar a whole lot, but because of the width I think love is too strong a word.  It will be fantastic as a play collar, but extended wear is out of the question unless my neck grows another half an inch! Here’s hoping!

Thanks so much Tabutoys! Great Product!

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