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Common Courtesy~Not just for slaves anymore.

October 15, 2009

Fetlife has been throwing some good things my way as of late, and this topic is no exception.

Most of us grew up being taught to use words like “Please” and “Thank You”, and saying “Sorry” when we mess up, but it seems all too often Owners do not feel these common polite words extend to them.  I understand the mindset involved in M/s, however since when did it mean they should be treated as if they are always wrong or as if they do not matter?  Don’t slaves deserve to feel appreciated too? After all, if there weren’t people begging to be of service, Owners would have to do it all themselves, wouldn’t they?

Being a Master is not a personality trait or the way you act, it’s something you are.  Perhaps I am wrong.  It makes me very curious to see how these Owners act with their slaves in public.  While I would understand the concept and respect it in my home or yours, we still have to function around vanilla people, and I’m rather curious to see how many of you look like complete jackasses or get stares from the vanilla crowd.  I realize that you probably don’t care about the stares or what others think of you, just curiosity of people watching on my part and nothing more.  I know enough Masters who do not use common courtesy with their slaves, that I don’t knock it.

Master says all of those words to me, and often.  He doesn’t say “please”, and mean that I have an option to not do that which is requested either, it’s just his way of being nice to me.  He tells me “thank you” when I have done something satisfactorily to let me know he is pleased with what I have done.  Although I believe him to be superhuman sometimes, he is fallible, and if he screws up, he does apologize for it.  Sometimes the apology comes from getting punishment I won’t be getting out of, or of not getting some request I made.  M/s or not, we are both human, and for the time being dehumanization is not part of our goal.

I guess for the most part, it’s just a matter of style.  Not better or worse, just different.  Don’t go getting your Dominant panties in a bunch, I don’t think your wrong and I’m not calling you out, just voicing my opinion.  I have no doubt that as my own M/s relationship progresses those words will become much more scarce.

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