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Not the Diva I Expected

October 13, 2009

I was so excited to get the Thumbelina by Vibratex, because I’ve never used a dual-action vibe before.  They seem to be all the rage!  I read several reviews on it, and it seemed very well received.  One of the really neat things about this rabbit style vibe is, it’s insertable shaft rotates!  Wow!

So, when she is delivered, I get into the box as quickly as I can, and remove the clear plastic box with gray swirly designs on it encasing Thumbelina.  At the bottom of the box is penned Thumbelina with the words “The action-packed fairy tale”.  Of course, underneath is the Vibratex name and logo.  Inside you can see the toy perfectly, but it was trapped in a cellophane wrapper, and believe me when I say it’s difficult to separate the two.

Okay, so I finally remove the vibe from the cellophane, and as I’m holding her in my hands, it’s very easy to see that she was made to fit perfectly in a smaller grasp.  Nice touch.  She requires 4 AAA batteries, and here’s where it gets kinda confusing.  The batteries don’t just go in all nice and easy, first you have to figure out the damn battery direction puzzle!  It took me 4 minutes and 5 tries.  You try for better!

While she’s kinda pretty, she’s also kinda not.  It’s completely transparent, so you can see the motors and wires inside, which I found very unappealing.  What I did like, was the unanimalistic style of the clit attachment.  So, this thing has a plastic base on it, with two slide controls.  One controls the vibrating clit piece, while the other controls the rotating g-spot shaft.  There are varying speeds for both pieces.  Both the shaft and the rabbit attachment feature nubbins for extra stimulation.   It’s actually pretty quiet.

I was kind of expecting a lot out this toy, and it definitely fell flat. PLOP!  The 3 1/2 inches of rotating shaft feels great while thrusting, but the rotation motor kinda just gives out once inside your body. I also had a hard time reaching my g-spot with it.  The clit attachment has great power, and those nubbins feel fantastic, if you want to sit and hold it in place.  As I said before, I read quite a few reviews of this toy before I requested it, and it has plenty of 5 and 4 star ratings, so it could all just be me.  Of course, we all know, opinions are like assholes.

Thumbelina is made from elastomer which is fairly easy to care for.  It contains no phthalates or latex, and it’s hypoallergenic.  It is however, porous, and therefore can not be sterilized; so please be sure to use a condom if you plan on sharing this toy.  Thumbelina can be cleaned with mild soap and water, and is compatible with either silicone or water-based lubes.

Even though she was disappointing, I still want to thank Babeland for sponsoring my review!


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