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Half Rave/Half Rant

October 8, 2009

Okay, just bear with me people if I skip topics in this post.  Lots of stuff to say, just not much on each topic, so I’m squishing them all together.

*Squee*  Master’s coming home tomorrow!  I get one night with him, and I can’t wait.  Cause he is definitely the best!  We are gonna have so much to cram in that one night, because I have lots of new toys to play with!  I finally got a collar, it won’t be my permanent one, but who cares!  I can’t wait for him to put it on me.  I ordered a new porn for him, along with a glass dildo for me!  I also have a new vibrator.  Make sure to watch for my reviews of them!

In other fantabulous news, if you remember WAY back in May, there was a contest, and I won first place, not to mention it was on my birthday!  Sadly though, we were in the middle of moving, and never received the prize I won.  Well, trusty ole Rayne, heard me talking about it, and practically demanded I email the site who held the contest.  I did, and they immediately apologized, and resent the prize out to me!  So, Yay! I’m getting my sex swing after all!  I thought for sure it was lost forever, and I’m so grateful that it wasn’t.  Thanks Rayne!  Best friends are…….well……..the best!

On to my rant!

I was browsing around Fetlife, and came across a post that suggested Master’s should be taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong in their relationship with a slave!  Wtf?  The scenario given went something like this:

“A slave is told to kneel, and during that time she begins to hurt.  The slave never mentions it until afterwards that she was hurting.  The Master should apologize, and remedy the situation next time.”

Are these people serious?  When are slaves/subs going to realize that their Master/Dom shouldn’t have to take responsibility for their idiocy?  Better yet, when will they just suck it up, and do what they are told?  This was of course a theoretical situation, however, we as slaves are not granted immunity for our mistakes. We can’t use our owners as scapegoats.  We are adults, and should act as such.  This is like deja vu on the mental illness post! Gah.  Dumbass people piss me off.

I am by no means saying that some things aren’t the Master’s responsibility alone, but if something is wrong or going wrong, it is our job to point it out, not just let bad things happen then point our finger and say “It’s your fault, you’re the Master!”  No, it’s not their fault, it’s yours for not saying anything, and you should be punished!  Just because they own our thought, doesn’t make them mind readers!  That’s why M/s calls for complete and total transparency.  Don’t you people research or try to learn anything?

To all these types of slaves, who need someone to pass off responsibility to:  “Shoot yourself now, because you’re stupid, and you can’t fix stupid!”

*steps off my soapbox, and takes a bow*

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