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Little Pink Wonder

October 7, 2009

When I first saw the Water Shimmer I was sure it would be a flop, but it’s pink and I can’t pass up on that!  So reluctantly, I put in my request for it.  One week later, it was on my doorstep!  No matter what’s coming to me, I always seem to fall all over myself to get to the UPS guy.  He’s like the coolest guy all of a sudden! Lol.  Anyway, I opened the box, and took it out, and somehow realized that I thought it was going to be bigger.  Looking back, I think I just usually pick enormous toys!

The clear plastic molded container is highly predictable, complete with seductive girl and listing of the features, including that it’s waterproof.  Have I mentioned I LOVE waterproof toys?  It showcases the Water Shimmer in all it’s 6″ glory, and the name of it is highlighted in pink at the top.  On the flip side is the exact same picture of the girl.

I took it out of its packaging and studied the ultra smooth hard plastic finish.  Its pink has a gorgeous pearlesque finish to it, which amazes me.  I unscrewed the bottom cap to uncover the battery compartment.  The batteries were very easy to install.  Just slip in 2 AA batteries with the negative side facing downwards, rescrew the cap back on, and it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll!  Don’t forget to make sure you check that the clear plastic O-ring is in place, otherwise you will have wet batteries after water fun!

I turned the easy to use dial on the end and nearly fell down! This toy not only packs one hell of a punch in the vibration department, but it’s as loud as a lawn mower!  The sound this thing makes could easily be heard through a closed door, no questions asked.  It is really my only complaint with it, but that happens to be a big one.

Let’s get to the great stuff already!

Okay, okay! Gee, impatient much?

Like I said, Water Shimmer is a vibration madhouse, so I decided to take it easy with it.  It has 6 inches of insertable length and is 1 inch in diameter, so you can imagine just how small and slim this thing is, right? The end tapers down almost to a point, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before just how much I adore hard plastic traditional vibes for that particular feature.  It’s perfect, and I do mean perfect, for clitoral stimulation.  In other words, kiss your bullets goodbye!

While it’s not “ideal” for anal use, I had to try it out. *blush*  I enjoyed it, but I will add that without the flared base of most anal toys and the small size of this vibe, it would be incredibly easy to lose, so use it like this at your own risk.

It was incredibly easy to hit my G-spot with this toy, and it has definitely made me squirt several times during solo sessions.  I have not seen any issues with having it in the tub or shower with me, although you should always make sure to check the sealed battery compartment after each use, just to be safe.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Water Shimmer is very easy.  Since it’s hard plastic, it is hypoallergenic and phthalate free, and if you do get tired of it, or it stops working, it’s recyclable!  After each use just clean with antibacterial soap and warm water, or better yet use your favorite toy cleaner or wipes.

This is by far become my favorite toy, and I can’t thank Babeland enough for it!

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