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Purple Passion

September 28, 2009

When I got my newsletter from Babeland, and I saw the Fusion Duality was being offered up for review, I was doing cartwheels!  I have never owned a G-spot vibrator before, and I couldn’t wait to try it out!  *Squee*

Aside from a minor mishap with the first attempt at delivering the Fusion Duality, it managed to make it to my doorstep.  I immediately ran to my room, and ripped open the cardboard box.  I removed a long white cardboard sleeve that encased the tin box.  I delicately slid the encasement out to reveal a beautiful tin with Evolved written across the front and a lovely cutout to showcase the Fusion Duality in all it’s wonder!  It was gorgeous, and so much bigger than it appears in the pictures.  I turned the box over to inspect the back, and discovered a beautifully written description of the toy along with all the features it possesses.  The only complaint I have of this product, was the tin box was a little crushed on the sides, however it still closes and holds the toy just fine.  I was able to bend most of the dents back to the original form of the box.

I opened the box, and removed it from it the black foam encasement that surrounded it.  It’s made of ABS plastic(which means it’s phthalates free and hypoallergenic), and I was amazed at the softness of it.  I slowly slid my hand the whole length of the toy and marveled at it.  I laid it gingerly back in the box and immediately got my batteries out of the dresser drawer and easily installed them into the vibrator.  It takes 4 AAA batteries that slide into a compartment stored in the center.  I screwed the toy back together, making sure the Evolved logo matched up underneath the control buttons, and turned it on.  I went through each setting, and alas this one is kinda loud, but it’s not so loud that it would rival the blender in your kitchen.

It has two separate ends that are controlled by separate motors.  One end has a curved hook for stimulating the g-spot, while the oher end has what can only be described as bubbles (4 of them) in graduating sizes.  Unfortunately, the last and biggest bubble has the control panel on it, so no using it, unless you don’t want to be able to control it, lol.  The Duality is ten and a half inches long with a diameter of one and a half inches at the widest point.

It has 3 different vibration settings on each side, and that makes 16 different vibration settings people. The side with the g-spot stimulator has 3 settings of constant vibration, and the bubble side has 3 different pulsation type settings (1. Constant pulse, 2. Long Vibration two pulses, 3. Graduating pulse  up to longe pulse) I am rather sorry to say that the vibrations can’t actually be felt all the way through both sides, so unless you’re very sensitive, don’t bank on getting to use 16 settings.

This baby is waterproof too!  Which is something I enjoyed about it quite a bit, but remember it’s loud so in an acustic bathroom the noise reverberates.

Clean up is easy with the ABS plastic, just some soap and water, toy cleaner, or alcohol wipes should do the trick.  You should still use a condom if you plan to share this toy, as it can not be sterilized.

I had to play around with it for a while to figure out the placement of the g-spot stimulator, but once I found it, it was fantastic!  The placement of the controls is definitely not ideal, but it’s no worse than any other controls I’ve seen.  All in all, I had so much fun with this toy, and the pros outweigh the cons.  I thnk I’ll be using this one for a long time to come.

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