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An excuse? I Don’t Think So~Caution: RANT

September 23, 2009

(Disclaimer:  I am not referring to those who actually suffer from any kind of mental disorder, and know how to responsibly keep it in check.)

I have been seeing a lot of people on FetLife acting like fools.  Bashing their Master’s and then several days later posting a new thread apologizing for what they said, and claiming to be suffering from bi-polar or depression or some other mental disorder, and sometimes claiming to not be taking their meds.  Let me just say, YOU PEOPLE ARE LAME!!!!!  You’re dumdasses, and if you are really suffering from any of said disorders, and do not know how to control yourself online, it’s time to step away from your keyboard!  You have no business being online, and generally you make yourself look stupid, and give those of us who have half a brain and a mental disorder a bad name.

Mental disorders are not a joke, and they are not an excuse for idiocy.  I was diagnosed with manic depression when I was 14.  My whole life has been a battle with this disorder.  It’s a huge pain in the ass!  It’s not easy at all, but I never get online and tell everyone in my community how horrible my Master is, then try to cover it up with my disorder.  It would be irresponsible of me, and down right wrong of me to pass the buck for something I should have never done in the first place.  I have enough respect for Him and our dynamic to understand that my disorder is NEVER an excuse.

I am not saying it doesn’t get in the way or cause problems, because it does, but I’m not going to tell Him that He has to understand it’s just my disorder and absolve me of my misbehavior.  I’m the one who has to understand where it’s coming from and adjust myself to it so that it doesn’t cause these issues (I’m still working on it).  I have one person, let me say this again, ONE PERSON, who hears me complain about my disorder.  It is always talked about in hushed tones and in private, but we help each other immensely.  You will rarely if ever hear us speak of it online, because it’s our issue to be dealt with, not the community’s issue.  Neither of us is on meds for it either, and yet somehow we manage to come across as intelligent creatures who would never badmouth our Owners no matter what the reason, let alone our own mental issues.

My point here is, I’m tired of seeing people act stupid, then claim craziness as the culprit.  I’m guessing at least half of these cases are either misdiagnosed or complete falsehoods  used to cover up their mistakes.  People with or without these types of disorders really need to learn responsibility for their actions, and stop whining about their conditions.  Admit you’re a complete fuck up who has no business whatsoever using a computer without your owner standing over you watching what you do.  I can tell you without a doubt if I tried this tactic, Master would certainly ban me from using a computer without Him being present.  Besides that, if you’re not bi-polar, depressed, or psycho, why on earth would you claim to be, it doesn’t make you look any better in the eyes of those who witnessed your first shitty post, it makes you look like a disrespectful loony bitch who has no self control of herself.  Accountability extends way passed having a mental disorder. So,  Shut up you dumb ass cunts, please just shut up.  You’re giving me a migraine.

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