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Limits~To Have or Not to Have

September 19, 2009

I have been spending a lot of time researching limits lately, and boy howdy there’s tons of stuff on setting limits and the necessity of having limits and communicating limits, but very very little on not having limits.  So mostly, you’ll just get my not so humble opinion, lol.  The rest of the post will be directed towards “absolute ownership” relationships.  When I speak of a slave, I do mean slave in the literal definition of slave (an owned human being, that has no rights, except those allowed by her Master).

I often find myself wondering about the limits I have been allowed to keep since becoming owned.  They are very few, but they are there nonetheless.  I understand that at any time they can be ripped from me like a Gorean kajira’s silks.  I am not particularly close to my limits, some of them are there because of my past, some are because of the ick factor and I don’t see my ever being able to come off them on my own, however that doesn’t matter, because I am not my own.  I belong to someone else, and he decides what will be a limit and what will not.  Master has an enormous list of things He’s not interested in, but I would call those personal dislikes rather than limits.  He may find once the sadist kicks in that he in fact does enjoy some of those things, not because they turn him on, but that my distaste turns him on.  Lord help me then, lol.

“What if you were playing with someone else, Cin?”

I’m glad you asked!  If it happened that I was playing with someone else, well……..Master would have picked that person out anyway, and even then,  he would set those limits and discuss everything with that person, and I may not be involved in the process at all, if he so chose to do it that way.  If that person happens to be a woman, then I would most likely be topping in which case it wouldn’t matter then either.

“Are there limits he’s taken from you?”

Yes! *pout* I used to say dick sucking was a hard limit, tee hee, but I am not allowed to have that limit.  If he tells me to suck it, and I don’t, he will make me.  He knows I hate it, but I chose this life, and knew full well I wouldn’t be allowed to set such a limit.

I think there is a lot of people who enter into an ownership type dynamic, and don’t fully understand what exactly they are getting into.  I am no exception.  I still resist, and others I know still resist who have been in it way longer than myself.  Once you become a person’s property, you cease to have rights, and that includes limits.  When you hand yourself over, it’s very easy to get swept up in the rush and emotion that overcomes you, especially if this is what you’ve been seeking all along.  You forget to think of all those things that may come back to bite you in the ass. I researched for almost a whole year on M/s relationships, and still it didn’t sink in what it was really going to be like.

I am of the mind that a slave who holds her limits in high regard, is probably no slave at all, but that’s just me.  I wouldn’t verbally assault said person or even think bad things about her, but I believe what I believe.  If you are in fact owned then your limits should only be the limits your Master wants you to have, and if his wants change…….well…… do your limits, dear.  In the great words of my dear friend, Rayne, “Suck it up, Buttercup!”.

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