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Comedy in the Classroom!

September 18, 2009

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, is an amazing S/M beginner’s guide, written by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon. They are both hilarious, and have a great knack for tongue in cheek comedy, which is seen throughout the book.   Their D/s relationship is very apparent in every section of the book as well.  They have written so well, that you actually feel as if you know them in a very real sense by the end.

They go over everything you could ever want to know as a “newbie” to the lifestyle.  From communication, trust, and simple definitions to bondage, clamps, flogging, and electro torture; and there’s even a whole section dedicated to furnishing your dungeon in inexpensive but impressive ways! Who could ask for more?

There is also plenty of precautions and safety issues they cover, as well as dating and what to look for in an S/M partner.  The only real drawbacks of this book were: it was published in 1995 (you can imagine how much the internet has grown since), so there isn’t a whole lot about internet activity, and the fact that they compared “ownership”(aka M/s) to fantasy role play, and said that it was pretty much unattainable(which we here at ID call a bunch of hogwash).

Even those who are experienced players can find enjoyment from this book, as it is so well written, and is a great go to guide for those on the spot questions even they have from time to time! I highly recommend it to everyone, even nillas who are just interested in what goes on behind the “wizard’s” curtain of BDSM!

Read my full review at Eden Fantasys!

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