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August 26, 2009

What seven words would you use to describe yourself?

  1. Woman- If you can mistake me for anything else, you should have your eyes checked!  I’m not your run of the mill woman.  I have some manish tendencies.  Spitting would be my worst manish habit.  I also like doing man labor (mowing, working on mechanical shit, anything that will make me all hot, sweaty, and dirty).  I like fast cars.  I love women.   But for the most part, I’m all woman.  I’m scared of bugs.  I paint my nails, and have long hair.  I enjoy angry women music.  Let’s not forget to add in the big boobs and pussy!
  2. Strong- I’m not referring to physical strength, cause that’s a joke.  I have a very strong will.  I know without a doubt that I can do anything I put my mind to.  I’ve kicked heroin.  I’ve been both a mother and a father to my children.  I have educated myself.  Yep, strong was one of the first words that came to me.
  3. Opinionated- I have an opinion on everything!  I will also let you and everyone else know what they are should you be just dumb enough to ask.  There are even times when you don’t have to ask.
  4. Outspoken– This one sort of goes along with being opinionated.  I never activated that delay switch that keeps me from saying everything that comes to mind.  It never helps that most things that pop into my head are sarcastic and cynical.
  5. Intelligent- I choose to sweep this one under the rug sometimes, because it’s easier to feign retardedness.  No, seriously, I’m kidding.  I have a lot of intelligence, but I have issues using my words in an intelligent way.  I get too emotional and stop paying attention to what is coming out.  So, unfortunately, all of my intelligence stays cooped up in my head.  My mother always tells me I use it up on useless facts about Hitler and serial killers.
  6. Defiant- I am a go against the grain kinda chick.  It causes me a lot of problems, but I just can’t seem to stop it.  I have gotten better, so maybe one day I can cross this one off the list as it pertains to Master.  I’m pretty sure there will always be a difficult streak in me though, even if I manage to keep it under control most of the time.
  7. Property- I thought of listing this first, but it actually happened that I became property much later than the other things.  I felt they should be listed in order of how much they were a part of me, rather than of importance to me.  Being someone’s property has had more of an inward looking impact, rather than an outwardly noticeable impact on me so far.  A stranger would not be able to tell by seeing us.  I can though.  It has become part of me.  I can not think of myself as a free person anymore.  Even when my defiance comes out kicking and screaming, I still think of myself as being owned.
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