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SJP #441-Procrastination

August 12, 2009

I asked rayne for some ideas to help me get posting more, so her suggestion was to do a prompt from Submissive Journal Prompts on Wednesday, so I am.

Master helped me choose a prompt this week, and I think it fits me very well.

“Do you procrastinate, or are you always ahead of schedule? Is it difficult to adjust your habits to someone else’s preference if they are procrastinators and you are not, or vice versa?”

My answer is rather complex on this.  There are times when I am a horrible procrastinator, and there are times when I am not.  I’m sure most people are like this to some degree.

If I am going somewhere, I hate to be late.  We all usually end up waiting for Master, and I am very impatient at these times. I mean, come on, if I can have myself and two kids ready, surely it isn’t impossible for him to also be ready.  As a family though, we are NEVER late. Master and I highly value our promptness.  It’s one of the few things we agree on 100%.  This is absolutely something my parents drilled into me, though it wasn’t because they are prompt.  They are always the last to arrive, and it drove me crazy growing up.  They even held up our wedding 30 minutes with their tardiness!

However, if you want to talk about domesticity, exercise and dieting, or anything that takes away from my internet usage, you are looking at the worst procrastinator on earth. No joke people.  I know it has to be done, but damn it I don’t wanna!  I constantly put off my chores until Master has to get on to me about it.  I’ve been telling myself to get going on my pilates for about a week now.  My internet usage has gotten cut back dramatically, because I was literally spending 20+ hours a day online.

Has it been hard adapting to Master’s gotta get on a mission attitude?  Sure it has, but not to a point that it has caused me to be punished for it.  There has been some reprimanding, but I can usually get on task if he says something about it.  Although I’ve noticed since moving back in with my parents that my habits have changed dramatically compared to the way they were before I met Master.  He has definitely rubbed off on me.

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