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Cinnamon……….You Are A Slave.

August 6, 2009

So Master and I were looking at some of the discussions on Fetlife and reading them together (this consists of Him laying on the bed, while I look for posts and read them out loud, and we discuss what we might answer together).  We have learned so many things about ourselves and our relationship this way.  It really helps get the wheels spinning for us to be able to interact and discuss.  We haven’t done this in so long, and we had a couple really great discussions along the way, and a few good laughs.

I guess all that discussing about kink really sparked something in Master, because He switched into Master mode instantly, and I didn’t even fight it.  The transition was damn near seamless.  I remember thinking to myself how natural it all felt. He mentioned to me that I was going to start sucking his dick more often, and I turned and made a yuck face at him, but smiled and continued to read.

We read and talked for a little over an hour, then I climbed into bed, and snuggled up to my pillow.  He had other plans though.  He told me to roll over, so I rolled over to him and snuggled up on his shoulder.  We laid that way for a minute, and He stroked my hair.  Then He says “Cinnamon, you are my slave, and you will suck my dick.”  I was taken aback because He hasn’t called me that in so long, but I just laid there, and He continued to play with my hair.  He gave me about 2 minutes to respond on my own, then gathered my hair in His hand and forced his cock into my mouth.  Let me just say, I don’t like sucking dick anytime, but when it’s forced on me I can get into it.

He switched my hair to His left hand, and and grabbed my hip with His right and dragged my ass closer to Him.  His finger found my asshole and I jumped up.  He forced me back down “Play with my balls, bitch.”  He left me to my business for a minute while He found the lube.  I knew I was in for it now, but there was no sense in fighting back.  I wasn’t getting out of it, no way, no how.

He grabbed my hair, and sped up the pace, and started thrusting His dick down my throat.  I gagged and tried to come up off of Him, but He held me in place, again and again.  By now He had my ass lubed to His liking and began working in a finger, thoroughly enjoying me doing my damnedest to get away from His prying fingers.  “You will take it.”  We went on in this rhythm for about 5 minutes before he decided something a little more was needed.

With hair in hand, He spun me around facing Him.  “Sit on it.”  I swear to god I thought He was gonna take my pussy while He fingered my ass, but OH NO!  He wanted that ass, and He took it forcefully.  I don’t think He’s ever slammed His cock in my ass that hard.  Once He was in He did stop for a minute to allow me to relax, but that didn’t last long.  He began pulling my hips forward and back while He rubbed my clit, and it was pretty much over from there.  I began moving of my own accord, and things got a little blurry.  My pussy was dripping, and I buried my head in His neck, I distincly remember that it was killing me to have Him inside my ass, but my clit was throbbing and hungry.  My lips were shaking, and my breathing was raspy.   He told me how good my ass felt wrapped around His cock, and I came.

I guess I wasn’t moving enough for Him, because He decided it was time to take me from behind.  With my face in the pillow and my ass high in the air.  He grabbed my hair again and entered me, pulling me to an upright position momentarily.  I gasped, as He let go and I fell face first back down into the pillow.  “Play with your clit!”  He began ramming His dick in my ass harder than I’ve ever been fucked before, and good lord it hurt.  My pussy was dripping juice down my thighs, and I could tell I was teetering on the edge of clitoral orgasm. He began to pull out and ram it back in, over and over as I came down my legs some more.

I looked back and whimpered, then asked if He was going to cum soon, His reply was that He would when He was damn good and ready.  More cumming on my part.  I guess the pain in my voice made Him feel a tad sorry for the pounding He was giving me, and told me it was time.  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to hold back an orgasm for that long before.  We came in total unison, and my gawd was it beautiful to feel Him balls deep in my ass while my muscles clenched around Him as tight as they could.

We cleaned up and snuggled for a while.  He told me I was a good slave while He petted me and kissed my forehead.  He also said that He would continue to hurt me in many ways, but that He would never damage me.  I drifted off happy as a clam.  I’m not for certain if the 24/7 is back yet, but He will decide when He is ready.  If last night is a glimpse of what things will be like from now on, then I will be a happy slave.  I’m sure my brother may be scarred for life though, since He was on the other side of a very thin wall. LMAO.  I hope you guys enjoy this story.

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