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The Stepford Wife

August 5, 2009

Is it really possible in this era?  This is a question I have been rolling around in my head for some time.  I know I’m a little behind, but it was fairly recently that I saw the movie for the first time.  You see all these high powered executive type women being turned into almost robotic like 50’s style housewives.  I know there are a lot of women who wish to have careers and be the breadwinners in their families.  I myself am an avid researcher, and I love to learn, but a career? Not at all thank you.  Very recently, I was enticed to contact an online college about studying to be a paralegal.  It would be quite exciting to learn, and I have little doubt to how well I would do in that field.  When I stop and put it into perspective though, I can easily see that I don’t really want to have a career or even a job.  I just want to know how to do it.  There is very little I enjoy doing outside of the four walls of my own home.

Before we moved, our house stayed company ready in the public rooms.  The laundry rarely got out of control.  My weight stayed in check, and for the most part our sex life was amazing.  Since we have moved in with my parents, I can pretty much cross all those things off my list completely.  Now I’m doing great to get up and get dressed every day.  My attitude stinks to high heaven, and my mother doesn’t help much since she is the one who taught me to be this way.  My whole family is rude, mean, and will rip your head off in a heart beat for one misstep.  There is very little emotional attachment, and even less happiness.  It’s all about pointing fingers and getting as angry as possible so that you have one up on the other person.  It’s all about who controls who.  It’s like being in prison, if you show any weakness at all you’re are going down.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and strangely enough we are very close, it’s just weird.  You would have to see it to understand how it works.

This is something i would never be able to speak out loud in my parent’s home, but seriously I just want a man to take care of me.  Not that whiny, I don’t want responsibilities kind of take of me.  I pay our bills, cook, clean, fuck like a porn star, take care of the children, and all those other things that a woman is supposed to do, I just don’t want to go anywhere.  I like the isolation.  I like not having to deal with the outside world.  I like not having anyway out.  I don’t see it as being stuck, I see it as the exact opposite.  It’s a freedom.  I am free to make my own schedule.  I am free to have time to spend with my husband whenever he wants.  I am free to be able to do whatever my little heart desires, and it rarely desires to leave home.

Okay, so herein lies the problem. I don’t like dressing up.  I don’t like wearing makeup.  I don’t like exercising.  I don’t mind certain places in my house to be cluttered. But this isn’t unusual in this day and age either.  Girls are taught that they shouldn’t please anyone but themselves.  We have been told from a very young age that we don’t need to depend on a man.  It’s all a bunch of poppycock, and it’s ruined women for men entirely.

Being a stepford wife is my real dream, but it’s so far removed from me it’s insane really.  I’ve thought to myself, well maybe if you change one thing at a time, but I already know that goal setting and follow-through are not my strong suits.  As a matter of fact, usually when I tell myself to do one thing I do the exact opposite.  For example, I have been putting on some weight, so I decided I was going to watch what I eat and exercise.  Instead, I have been shoveling food in my face so much I scare myself, and I have been watching more tv than I ever have before in my whole life.  It’s sad really.

Here’s another point, my whole stay at home mom dream life, is very soon coming to an end anyway.  There really is no way around it, I have to get a job, and not even a good job either, just any job.  Blah!  I hate going to work.  I hate authority figures that I’m not married to.  It’s not like I have the schooling to get a good job in an office somewhere, I’ll have to find a job at the very bottom of the totem pole, where some asshole is either hitting on me or constantly giving me crap about how I shouldn’t be putting my family first when I call in because my kids are sick.  I’ll be making minimum wage for putting up with someone else’s shit, and eventually get tired of it and quit.  It’s always like that.

So, whatever happened to the 1950’s, when a man could find a good job, and a woman wasn’t looked down upon for staying home?  What happened to women being raised to cook, clean, be pretty, and bow down to their husbands?  Why did women have to get so uppity about equal rights when they already had it pretty fuckin good in the first place?  Not only did they fight for all these equal rights, but once they got them, they wanted special treatment.  In the armed forces, women don’t have to reach the same goals as men do in their physical training.  It is actually significantly less.  They don’t want to be held to higher standards the same as men are.  I’m not saying all women have done this, but a good number of them have.  I simply just don’t see where women got so unhappy with their condition.  What is wrong with women having a place in life.

I don’t think men or women are better than the other, just different.  I believe there are specific roles for each gender, because we were made to fill these roles.  Women are designed to be fragile, meek, and pleasing.  Men are designed to be the money makers, protectors, and rulers.  A woman should be in the home, and a man should deal with matters outside of the home.  Women are doing their damnedest to feminize men, but to what end?  So that we can make fun of them, and look down on them for what we’ve made them?  Men simply shouldn’t be stay at home dads.  Men shouldn’t be sensitive creatures.  Men are fine the way they are!!!!  Why are we trying so hard to redefine the gender roles?  It’s beyond me really.

I’m not trying to say that I’m the picture perfect person, I am quite the opposite really.  I do however believe in what I have written, and hope it someday fits my profile.  I also understand that each person has their own opinions and ideals for their life, and applaud those women who have made a name for themselves in a man’s world.  It’s just not for me.

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