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PMS and Other Fun

August 1, 2009

Holy cow shit! Do you ever have a week where you just feel as if nothing else could possibly be crammed into it?!?  It seriously seems like I haven’t been able to catch my breath since I don’t know when.  Because of the personal nature of the situation I can’t really elaborate on that, but geez I wish people would let Master and I get our own shit figured out, before they start piling their shit on top of it.

Things are still going great for us. I’m having a mild spell of PMS, but I’m not really taking it out on anyone, just randomly screaming at the air around me and stomping my feet (big improvement), lol.  The kids just laugh and say “Silly Mommy”, oh lord if they only knew.  We are still communicating very effectively, and not really fighting at all.  Master has chosen His first career path, and while I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the flight school idea, I would like to see a plan B and possibly plan C as well.  I’m also thinking of going to school to be a paralegal, it’s a lifelong dream of mine.  We’ll have to see, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

School will be starting in a few weeks, and I’ll go ahead and admit, I’m a mess over it.  I don’t want my sweet precious perfect angel baby boy to go away from me 😦  Yes I am totally aware that I baby him beyond belief, and I’m okay with that *nods*.  The girl is going to second grade, and her studies are her life, so I’m as ready for her to go as she is.  I’m just hoping this new school has as great a gifted and talented program as the last school she went to.  If I had it my way she would definitely be in private accelerated school, but alas I is poor 😦 I’m also hoping to find a great dance school for her around here too!

The great part of school starting is that everyone will be gone during the day except Master and I!  I’m expecting us to start discussing putting some of the 24/7 M/s back in place now that we will have plenty of training time.  Things have been so hectic with His family this past week, I’m not really sure if it even crossed our minds at all, but this time I think we’ll probably take it much slower when we add in new things.  Our creativity will play a major role in things as well.  As uncomfortable as we are living with my family, we both agree it’s our only option if He is going to go to school.  I am getting really antsy to get back into our 24/7 roles, and now I feel we are slightly wiser than we were going into it the first time.  Oddly enough, I am way more afraid than I was the first go round, but I am at the same time way more excited too!  Of course, it will really all come down to when He’s ready to.

During this little break, despite a setback or two, I feel we’ve done very well to fulfill each others needs, and make the other happy.  At times that has meant giving up things that we feel to ourselves are very important, but I’ve found in my case, those things were quite superficial, and once I had gotten it into my own head that my relationship was more important, they didn’t seem so paramount anymore.  So much so, that Master has had to at times remind to enjoy myself sometimes, that it is fine for me to indulge in those things on occasion.  Unfortunately I do have trouble with those gray areas, I deal much better with black and white.  As a person with a very addictive personality, it is very hard for me to do anything in moderation, especially when it comes to the internet.  I really feel like the internet is going to have to be one of those things that always remains closely monitored and on a schedule.  Not that I have ever gotten into any trouble with the things I do online, but it’s more about spreading myself too thin and getting nothing at all done.  Ah well, I’m working on it.

Today, was super great, I got to go eat sushi! YUM!  I got most of the laundry done.  AND, there was a great big storm that made all the lights go out for a few hours!  It was a lot of fun lighting a million candles and letting the kids camp out on our bedroom floor, while we made up silly stories.  Big Brother is finally going my way, which is fantastic, cause last week it was all crazy and weird and didn’t make any sense at all.  My only issue with today is that I don’t want people touching me.  I just have days like that, especially when I’m PMSing where I just can’t fathom people touching me in any way.

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