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Some News and Progression

July 13, 2009

Well, I know rayne told you guys I would be gone for a few days, but my time hasn’t come yet.  The reason I’ll be going is because I have a warrant.  I feel stupid about it, but it happens to the best of us sometimes.  It’s mainly things from my past coming back to haunt me.  I could’ve gotten them taken care of, but I put it off, and now I’m no longer in a position to be able to just walk in at any given moment and pay it off.  The thing is, even though I agree we need to be able to save that money for more important things, my parents keep arguing with us about me going.  They just don’t want me to, and I don’t want them to be mad at Master for making me go.  So on that we both gave in to them, and here I sit.

Master and I have been doing better.  We have been able to knock the arguements and misunderstandings to about twice a day.  Thinga are improving by leaps and bounds, as far as how well we are getting along.  It seems like everytime we begin to improve, rayne starts going through something herself.  It sure would help if we could all coincide with what we want to.  We have such big plans for the site, and shit just keeps getting messed up.

We went swimming at my grandmother’s over the weekend, and master not only burned the hot dogs the first time around, but wound up getting his head split open by my little brother!  Can’t we get a break?  Well, like I was saying, things are looking up for master and I.  I hope rayne feels better soon!  We love you, and need you with us!  We support you through whatever happens!

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