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Dealing With Frustration

June 22, 2009

Frustration in a new M/s relationship seems to have no end at all.  We fight and argue about most things.  We don’t always agree on what should or should not be in “our” M/s dynamic.  We also argue about vanilla things (life does happen).  Throw in 2 children, my parents, and one brother shake as vigorously as possible, and boy, you have hell in a glass!  Finding ways to deal with all this is no easy task for either of us.  All we know is that we won’t and can’t give up.  We keep pushing forward no matter how much backsliding or misstepping we do.  There is no going back. So far, that is all we agree on for the most part.

Now that we’ve moved in with my family, we’re faced with new obstacles.  Do we tell them? How do we tell them? How much?  Playtime is pretty much out of the question, unless we have the house to ourselves, but that’s more for me than Him anyway.  Punishments need to be adjusted, cause He just can’t go around slapping me or tying me up and throwing me aside for a while to think it over anymore.  Even having sex is a challenge, cause it’s hard to fuck an 11 inch dick quietly, ya know.  This moving thing is good though, because we need all the help we can get so Master will have the ability to go to school in the fall.

I’ve found since being here, I’m not so quick to argue, and never in front of people.  I do my absolute best to keep Him as calm as possible, but I know He’s super stressed, and sensitive because He’s completely out of His element here, while I’m totally immersed in mine.  Hopefully once He gets settled in here, we’ll get into a groove, and start making more progression in our dynamic.

It seems no matter how much we fight, neither of us loses the lust for being M/s.  It’s something we desire with all of our being, even if it takes a decade to get there!

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