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June 19, 2009
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I now live in a new house, and I have a new laptop.  Master is having a hard time adjusting to the culture shock He’s gotten at how my family lives, and likewise they find Him to be a very different sort of person.  I find the whole thing very funny, because I knew it would be like this until they all get used to each other.  My parents are pretty astonished at some of the changes they have seen in me.  They have always known me to be pretty lazy and irresponsible, and of course, Master doesn’t allow me to be like that anymore.  It makes me happy that someone sees the changes I have made no matter how small those changes may be.

Master and I are not sure how we will make our M/s work while living here, but I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it.  It shouldn’t be too hard, cause my parents are pretty much D/s anyway, so anything a normal parent would raise an eyebrow at,  my dad would pat Master on the back for.  It still feels kinda odd though, but I guess in reality the only thing that may suffer is our playtime, but as rayne already pointed out, we don’t play that much anyway.  The best part is now we live right in the middle of Dallas/ Ft. Worth, so the number of lifestyle events that we will have the ability to attend just went up by about 400%!!!!  I’m really excited about that, and hope we will have the chance to attend quite a few functions.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why we moved in the first place.  Master is going to school!  We haven’t exactly decided what for yet, but He has to use His Montgomery GI Bill before His time runs out.  So, once that’s all figured out I’m sure He’ll let me update on it.

That’s really all I have for now, and I have assloads of catching up to do, cause I have lots of friends dontcha know!!  Muah, you’ll see me lots now!

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