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May 29, 2009

….. seemed as if it was going to be one of those days. Nothing was going right, and it was sliding downhill pretty fast, but something somewhere changed it.  Looking back, I can see where I started giving in.

I was doing the dishes, and I was pretty torqued, because Master had just said that if He was gonna wake up, I was going to get off the computer and get my chores done, and spend time with Him. That isn’t what made me mad.  What made me mad was that when I did what I was asked, He got on the computer and ignored me pretty much(which also wouldn’t have bothered me had He not lied to me).  I was thinking “Ya know Cin, maybe just don’t let this bother you. Do your shit and go on with it. So He decided to do something else, and just didn’t tell you about. So what.”, and it worked.  Master didn’t notice, I don’t guess, when I brought Him His dinner, and then actually offered to go get cigarettes.

Well, when I came home, He came into the living room a few times, and asked “what’s wrong?”.  I tried to assure Him that I was fine, but He wasn’t buying it, not yet.  So we put the kids in bed, and we’re sitting in our bedroom, and He was still talking to me like He was waiting for me to explode, all loud and aggressive like.  I was getting frustrated and I was determined not to get angry, but I couldn’t figure out what to do. Of course I couldn’t open my mouth, I knew to keep it shut. So, I started crying. Without words, I didn’t know how else to communicate with Him. He calmed down real fast too, and we hugged, and had a real conversation. So, I had made the right choice again. <!–more–>

So, while I was finishing up some work, He went to go watch TV.  A while later I joined Him, and I was really getting into the Newlywed Game, when He had decided He had enough of this shit, and it was time to get down to business.  He threw a pillow on the floor in front of Him, and moved back the coffe table. I knew what was coming, and I knew I was just going to do it, no stink eye, no seein if I can push buttons and piss Him off, just gonna do it.

He leans back on the couch, and looks at me with a smile, “Now, Kneel.”.  He showed me how He wanted me to do it, depending on where He was on the couch. Then He told me to take His dick out and suck it. There was a second of hesitation there, but I pushed it back, and did what I was told.  After a few minutes, He told me to slow down, and started telling what to do and where, telling me how to move my tongue, and I was actually kind of enjoying myself. My pussy was really wet.

Eventually, He was ready to fuck, so He threw me on the couch, bent me over, and ripped my jeans down.  His dick has yet ceased to surprise me every time, I yelped, and He threw His arm around my mouth and held me like that.  He was driving it in as deep as He could go, and I was coming all over His cock and my thighs, and just trying to hang on for dear life.

Then I suppose He grew bored of fucking that hole too, so, He started lubing up my ass.  I was squirming and trying to get away, but that wasn’t gonna happen.  Oh boy, the sensation of someone fucking your ass without a little warm-up before hand, is breath taking to say the least.  I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, so there was no option other than relax and try to enjoy it, which I always start to eventually anyway.  He finished first, but He continued fucking me with a limp dick until I came, which I love when He does that, it feels so different.

Anyway, we collapsed into a sweaty heap, and we’ve been happy little turtle doves ever since! Which is great! And, the kids are going away for the weekend, and it’s my birthday this weekend. It’s shaping up to be a great weekend!

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