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What M/s Means to Me

May 20, 2009

There are so many people out there arguing semantics, I will not do that here. As a matter of fact, there are no definitions in this post, only what comes from my heart. I am not as eloquent as most, but I am sincere. I know everyone’s opinion differs, so here is mine.

Being with someone you love and admire so much, you can’t help but want to surrender to them. To become everything they love and admire in you. To love them and try to please them with every fiber of your being. You know no matter how bad you mess up, they will still be there. You become more self-aware, everything you do or say is a reflection of them if you are a slave, and Masters must become just as self-aware for they are the driving force of the relationship. M/s is something that should come naturally between two people regardless of labels or stereotypes. Protocols, rules, rituals, and what have you give the relationship structure and help you focus, but even so, without them the relationship should remain the same at the core. M/s is an extreme form of love and devotion in my eyes. This is not to say the participants must be “in love”, but I have noticed most are on some level. It has the transparency of glass as all is lain bare for the other to see, all your hopes and dreams and aspirations as well as your nightmares and transgressions. It gives you strength, freedom, and happiness. It helps overcome fears, and develops trust and communication on a very deep and intimate level. It is a beautiful dance of power between the two, one gives up control, while the other takes it, and in doing that the control flows back and forth, swaying like lovers to a wonderful song. This is what M/s means to me.

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