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Master’s First Marks

April 15, 2009
Master left His first marks on me! It wasn’t during a scene, or for punishment, or anything like that. He had just tied me up for bed, and said we would be doing a little experimenting with some of our toys. He wanted welts for pictures, but I’m convinced our camera just sucks! Anyhow, He went into it with the idea that He was gonna see what my pain threshold was, but afterwards said that He was laying into me pretty hard, and He wasn’t sure He could have done it much harder. So, here is the experience from my perspective.
When He started, I was tense and pretty jumpy, but I started to relax, and the strikes sorta became more like rhythm coursing through my body, rather than painful, I even got a little sleepy at one point. As I would get nice and relaxed, He would give the warning that He was going to amp it up a little, and that if it became to much I had better use my safe word (which I only have when we play, He usually gives me one right as we start), and the pain would come back for a few strokes, then I would relax again. I am not positive how long this cycle repeated itself, but when He stopped there was a bit of disappointment, the relaxation had almost completely taken over me, and I’m not sure what was happening, but it felt great! I knew as soon as it was over that my rear end would be hating me today, but I am finding it to be a wonderful reminder of my wonderful Master! Believe me the reminder is prevalent every time I move! My butt looks so pretty, I could just stare in the mirror all day at it! Lol, I wish I had that much time on my hands.
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