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April 1, 2009

This is my warm and fuzzy word, but I know for most people it’s evil. I know some will automatically conjure up images of solitary confinement at a prison, or some weird monk searching for nirvana. This isn’t what I’m speaking of. I’m way too social to not have human contact at all.

I’m talking about cutting out undesirable traits in yourself, by removing the source of those particular traits. I am a big believer in “you are a product of your enviroment”, ergo if I surround myself with husband bashing, bad attitude having women who have to control everything, then I won’t make a very good slave. Not to mention, the questions one gets asked when going on a less than “normal” journey are downright annoying. I shouldn’t have to explain myself to you, I’m a grown-up and can decide for myself, and no my husband isn’t a power hungry asshole who just wants me under his thumb either. Quite the contrary, he is sweet and romantic, and the whole thing was my idea in the first place. It just makes no sense to surround myself with people who believe the exact opposite of myself. I want to adore my Master, I want Him to be the most important thing in the world, and what better way to make that happen than Him being the only one who CAN influence me? Other people will just pile in junk, that He’ll have to sort through later and filter out anyway.

Sooooooooo, I have found an amazing group of friends who do share my viewpoint, even if they are online. That’s the great thing about the internet.

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