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Weirdness at It’s Best

March 20, 2009

Okay, so I’m feeling pretty posty today. Nothing too serious really, just curiosity overcoming me I guess.

So, just some random thoughts for today.

The last three days have been really good, I hope it lasts.

The whole irritating post thing. You know since I’m new to this lifestyle I
was just wondering along my path of thoughts letting it take where it
will, a stroll if you will. I wandered to myself “I wonder if I ever
annoy people that I have, for lack of a better word, leached onto?” You
see my phone was ringing and it was someone who when they call I always
roll my eyes and think to myself not her again. This person is not in
the lifestyle mind you just a regular annoying person. I guess I spent
a lot of time reading posts and profiles and essays and blogs, and
there are a few people who I almost feel like I’m stalking them, but in
a good way kinda. Anyway, I know they are pleased to help, but I always
kinda wondered if the friendship part was mutual, and not like a oh
gawd here comes that girl again. LMAO, I don’t think people don’t like
me, but I annoy myself sometimes so I would understand the feeling
kinda thing.
Master’s Blog. I am setting up a blog for Master
today, and I get to request topics of interest to me. I get to pick his
brain! I think this will be a very good thing for us. Although I know
anything of a more private nature goes straight into emails of course,
it will be fun to see Master’s take on topics I choose, when He allows
I feel very brazen and bold today, but not in a bad way a
good way. Curious, adventurous, are perhaps better words. I feel good,
like things are falling into place a little better, not quite so
forced, or just hanging on the edge.

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