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Contracts and Collars

March 18, 2009
Master and I looked at contracts and collars today. I’ve been instructed to write on my feelings for both of these, and on my comfort level with them. Also, on my readiness to implement the contract.
The collar is an outward symbol of Master’s ownership of me. I think having it will help my headspace. For me, it will also be an outward symbol of our commitment to the other as well. Not unlike a wedding ring in my mind, but on a much deeper intimate and emotional level. We are married, but anyone can do that. I want to take our relationship much deeper than that. I want Master to know me better than anyone ever has. I want to obliterate all the walls I’ve put up around myself. I don’t need them for protection anymore, that’s what my Master is for. I know that this road will be rocky for sure, but I know it’s in my best interest, and everyone around me will benefit for sure. Who needs a cold, sarcastic, mean ole witch. I don’t want to be that anymore. I want and need change in my life.  I also feel the same way about signing a contract. It will make a big difference in my headspace as well. Once the contract is signed, I become Master’s property and no longer have free will.
Today was a fairly silly day. After yesterday’s hooplah, it was nice to be normal for a while. We will be going over the checklist tonight so we can get right down to some specifics as far as sexual interests and training go. It will be exciting, and I look forward to learning something new about Master. I guess really this is the beginning of listing certain rules and protocols that will be set in place upon collaring and signing of the contract.

That’s all I got for today! MUAH!

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